Corporation Valve

Corporation Valves are installed on service saddles, use to connect and disconnect water flow when need to repair and maintain the curb valve.

Design and manufacturing of this product is based on(AWWA-C800), Material that we use for body and cartridge is bronze.


Technical Specifications

Order No. G (inch) L (mm) D (mm) H (mm) Operating Temperature (C) Working Pressure (Max/bar)
5200 G1/2 63.5 13 45.5 38 10.5
52010 G3/4 83.5 19 57.5 38 10.5

Analysis of Materials

Body and all parts of Wafer Corporation valves manufactured by this Company are according to the last standards, the analysis of which is according to the following table

No. Name of pieces material
1 Main body Bronze ASTM B-62 (Cusn 5Zn5Pb5)
2 Cartridge Bronze ASTM B-62 (Cusn 5Zn5Pb5)
3 Washer MS58 brass
4 Nut MS58 brass