Angle Valve

Angle Valve with filter, is a simple faucet which is placed between the piping and the other faucets and is usually the best supplement for installing lever faucets and luxury faucets, rest rooms, house plumbing systems, irrigation systems, pneumatic, gasoil, gasoline, and oil- distribution networks, and in general non- corrosive industrial fluids. This faucet prevents sand and other substances from entering highly sensitive systems.


The uniform strainer of SS (Stainless Steel) will increase the screen resistance against the corrosion, the scales and debris and other foreign matter suspended in flowing water as well as in the process of on-off operations for cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Order No. Size (inch) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) d1 (mm) d2 (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) H (mm) H1 (mm) Operating Temperature (C) Working Pressure (bar)
5010 G1/2*1/2 G 1/2 G 1/2 15 15 72 15 52 24 5 - 80 10
5012 G1/2*3/8 G 1/2 G 3/8 15 11 72 15 52 24 5 - 80 10

Analysis of Materials

The materials used in the body and other components of Angle Valve manufactured in this company, are in accordance with the standards and the analysis is according to the following table.

No. Name of pieces material
1 Main body MS58 forgeable brass
2 Teflon PTFE
3 Ball Brass with chromium- nickel coating
4 Cartridge screw MS58 brass
5 Faucet filter Stainless steel
6 Cap MS58 brass
7 O- ring of cap BBR rubber
8 Handle Aluminum with electrostatic painting
9 O- ring of spindle NBR rubber
10 Spindle MS58 brass
11 Screw holding the handle Coated iron