Firefighting Valve

This product is suitable for fire panels with an inlet on their lower section and a 130 degree outlet and which could be attached to the hydrant hose.

Technical Specifications

Order No. Size (inch) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) d1 (mm) d2 (mm) L (mm) H (mm) a (degree) Operating Temperature (C) Working Pressure (bar)
5170 G1 1/2 G1 1/2 G1 1/2 40 40 96 130 50 180 16

Analysis of Materials

The material of the body and other components of the Firefighting Valve manufactured in this company is in accordance to the standards and the analysis in accordance to the following table.

No. Name of pieces material
1 body MS58 Hot Forged brass
2 Cap MS58 hot forgeable brass
3 Regulator MS58 brass
4 handle Electrostatic paint aluminum
5 Sealing O- ring NBR rubber
6 Stem MS58 brass
7 Grooved nut MS58 brass
8 Valve MS58 hot forgeable brass
9 Rubber Washer NBR rubber
10 Steel flat washer Stainless steel
11 hexagon nut MS58 brass
12 Sealing washer NBR rubber
13 nut Electroplated iron