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Industrial Manufacturing Company

KIZZ IRAN industrial manufacturing company was founded in1984 as the first manufacturer of brass valves in Iran. As the result of continuous endeavors, the company has become the biggest and superior company in manufacturing building faucets and valves for installations.

It goes without saying that the company owes its success to its honest and committed managers and employees, particularly those involved in sale and distribution of the product, who tirelessly have helped the company to achieve its goals.

In addition consistent quality, employing newest technology and state of the art machinery and equipments has made it possible for the company to gain access to these honors.

KIZZ IRAN industrial manufacturing company appreciates consumers like you and would like to let you know that the company is about to introduce new line of products in the near future.

Awards, Honors & Standards

The company is very proud to have been able to receive the following honors and standards:

  • To receive international quality prize (spain1994, 2008and europe 2010)
  • KIZZ IRAN industrial manufacturing company has been the first company in its class to receive standardization certificate from the iranian institute of standardization and industrial research
  • To be selected as the role model entrepreneur in the 2008 festival of industrial champions
  • Selection of distinguished manager in the1389meeting of distinctive manufacturers of the company.
  • Selection of superior company in the1390 festival of industrial elites.
  • To receive Management system as per EN ISO 9001:2015 In according with TÜV AUSTRIA CERT
Managing Director’s Remark

From long time ago, manufacturing a national product according to the requirements of international standards caused us to take advantage of both national and international experiences to set up Kizziran factory in 1984 as the first producer of brass sliding gate valves. Benefited from high potential and experience of domestic and international experts and taking advantage of the most experience and skilled manpower, the factory offers world-class quality and competitive price to its dear customers according to the requirements of international standards.

At the contemporary world of today, with fast- paced development, we believe on change according to customers demand as one of the secrets of success of many organizations and economic enterprises in the Third Millennium, for this purpose, the management of the company has focused on applying information and communication technology (ICT) according to the market requirements.

Undoubtedly, safeguarding previous achievements and moving towards the developments and challenges facing ahead will require adopting a comprehensive approach to all progressive factors, consecutive promotion of products qualitatively and quantitatively, benefiting from world’s most modern and advanced technologies couple with doubled efforts of industrious staff and personnel of the industrial and production unit.

Today, the industrial and production has taken giant strides at the threshold of significant economic development of the country, based on which, the company has focused on boosting quality of products, details of which have been put atop agenda.

The company plans to effective activities in competitive market to get more market share at construction market according to its strategic vision. Equipped with the most experienced, skilled and expert manpower, the company will participate in both national and international arenas strongly in the field of offering high- quality products.

It is hoped that the company will materialize most of its economic objectives at the unsparing effort of industrious staff and personnel and also due support of respected shareholders. We believe that:
Action Speak Louder Than Word!