Gas Filter

Gas filters are installed on gas pipes to prevent dust, sand and impurities. Filters can also be used in sensitive devices which deal with natural gases, petroleum gases, waste water and compressed air. Followings are benefits and advantages of this product:

  • Secure sealing due to the sensitivity of gas leak
  • Fine mesh filter to absorb dust
  • Resistant against corrosion by different types of gas
  • The ability to wash and dry filter

Technical Specifications

Order No. Size (inch) A (inch) L (mm) H (mm) H1 (mm) SW (mm) Working Pressure (bar)
5160 1/2-3/4" 3/4" 56 28 43 46
Body Filter
40 6

Analysis of Materials

Body and all parts of gas filters manufactured by this Company are according to the last standards, the analysis of which is according to the following table:

No. Name of pieces material
1 Main body MS58 Forged brass
2 Cap MS58 Forged brass
3 Sealing rubber NBR rubber
4 Plastic window Poly propylene plastic
5 Pad Poly propylene fibers