MINIPRESS Pressure Reducing Valve

MINIPRESS Pressure Reducing Valve is a device which reduces and stabilizes pressure.

When the entering pressure is high or variable, the pressure reducing valve reduces, Adjusts, and stabilizes the downstream pressure.

This device is suitable for domestic water services, heating, and air-conditioning plants, compressed air system,…

Technical Specifications

Order No. Size (inch) L (mm) H (mm) C (mm) Operating Temperature (C) Max. inlet Working Pressure (bar) adjustable outlet pressure (bar) Threads Factory Pre adjustment (C)
5370 G 1/2 60 100 49 0-80 15 1-4 1/4" 3
5371 G3/4 60 100 49 0-80 15 1-4 1/4" 3

Analysis of Materials

Body and all parts of MINIPRESS Pressure Reducing valves manufactured by this Company are according to the last standards, the analysis is according to the following table

No. Name of pieces material
1 Body MS58 Hot Forged brass
2 Upper Plug MS58 Brass
3 Diaphragm MS 58 brass
4 Stem MS 58 brass
5 Cap MS 58 brass
6 Buttom Plug MS 58 brass
7 Shutter MS 58 brass
8 Cover Nylon
9 Spring Stainless steel
10 Flat seat washer NBR
11 O-Ring NBR
12 O-Ring NBR
13 O-Ring NBR
14 O-Ring NBR
15 Regulator MS 58 brass